Mummy & Me
A movement class for 1-2 year olds encouraging the development of rhythm, co-ordination and spatial awareness through music & dance. A parent or guardian must be actively involved in the class with the

Tiny Dance
This class follows our own "Bend & Bop" syllabus, created specifically for the 1-6 year age group, our program has been successfully implemented in Early Learning Centres within Sydney. Children are introduced to the basic elements of rhythm, co-ordination and creative movement set to the latest music from Hi-5 and other popular artists. A range of props and instruments are used to enhance the experience and develop musicality.

Tiny Ballet, Tiny Jazz, Tiny Hip Hop, Tiny Tap
A selection of our favourite Pre-School music & movement activities paired with the grace and precision of Ballet, the rhythm of Hip Hop, the flare of Jazz or the percussion of Tap. These classes are a fusion of our "Bend & Bop" syllabus and specially tailored activities created by our experienced teachers in their chosen dance field.

A class which explores traditional Jazz foundations along with “new school” styles such as Jazz Funk similar to that seen in video clips of popular artists such a Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga

Students will learn fundamentals of dance including a range of kicks, turns and leaps along with targeted conditioning exercises promoting improved strength and flexibility

All classes are based on the RAD Syllabus and include increasingly advanced sequences of exercises and short dances which promote alignment, flexibility, strength and co-ordination

A fusion of Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz, Lyrical is a flowing interpretive form of dance. Using “catch and release” steps along with core centred movement, this style of dance tells a story and teaches students the importance of movement quality

Hip Hop
An umbrella term used to describe a style created from a range of genres including Jazz, Popping, Contemporary and House. This class will see students exposed to a range of Hip Hop styles from Nu Style to Lyrical, whilst also learning some foundations of break dancing and isolation.

This class teaches students all of those flashy tricks whilst instilling body awareness and a strong technical foundation. Types of movement covered include cartwheels, aerials, tumbling, freezes and partner work

A fun filled class covering voice production,improvisation,characterisation,stagecraft, movement and confidence building techniques

Students learn vocal warm ups, breathing, harmonies and cover a curriculum of different musical styles and genres.

Musical Theatre With equal focus on dance, vocals & acting techniques, students aim to fuze these art forms together to create entertaining vocal, cabaret and theatre routines. Students will perform original scripts along with well loved classics.

Show Group
An “audition only” class which provides students with the opportunity to perform at a range of events throughout the year. Students must take 3 or more classes per week including Ballet to be eligible